Shoreline Clean Ups &  Adopt a beach programs

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Thank-you for your interest in helping the planet's oceans! 

Monthly Shoreline Cleanups  EARTH DAY SHORELINE CLEAN-UP- APRIL 22 (4th Sat in April)

Individuals, families and groups are welcome to join us on the third Saturday of each month for small clean-ups that meet here at the Shorebird Park Nature Center. WE NEED YOU ! 

Unfortunately, rain that cleans your street, washes the trash down the creeks and storm drains and onto our shores. They are continuously covered with trash and need your help.

On the day of the cleanup:

If you 'd like to be part of these  clean-ups, just call and let us know you and your friends are interested. We will confirm the date and send you any pertinent information and waivers for those under 18 yrs. old for that day. 510 981-6720 or email



If you are a group leader or a teacher, your group/class can participate in the Adopt-A-Shoreline Program which is a worthwhile community service project that effectively changes behavior about trash in the environment. Schools can adopt a shoreline around the Berkeley Marina in one visit. Public transportation: the  A.C. Transit 51B  bus comes here. Check their schedule. 

email or give us a call.

510 981-6720

The International Shoreline Cleanup  

The 32nd annual International Shoreline Cleanup will be on September 16th, 2017. It takes place once a year, all over the world. The clean-up is sponsored by organizations and government agencies such as the California Coastal Commission. You can also visit the Commission at    


  • Date: September 16, 2017
  • Time: Cleanup 9:00 am -12:00 noon and stay for the raffle 12:00 noon -1:00 pm

Where to meet

Meet at the Shorebird Park Nature Center, 160 University Ave. Berkeley Marina. Please carpool if you can or take the A.C. transit 51B bus. Parking is limited. Bike parking available. 

Who should come?  

All ages are encouraged to come. This is a great family event! 

If you are bringing children/youth under age 18

  • Children must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. Parents can sign at the event or send a signed waiver with the adult bringing their child. Waiver Here!  
  • Youth cannot stay without an adult unless they are 15 years or older.

What to expect when you arrive

  • Enjoy some morning snacks and coffee donated by Whole Foods Market.
  • Sign a waiver.
    • Each adult will sign a waiver for themselves.
    • Parents/guardians will sign for children/youth under age 18 or turn in a pre-signed child's waiver available for download here.
  • Safety talks, each lasting about ten minutes, begin at 9:00 and continue until 10:30.
  • After the talk, you will go with a site leader to one of the 7 clean-up locations. Most are within walking distance of the main staging area.
  • After the clean-up ends at 12:00 noon, please return to the Nature Center where we will collect your data cards and give you a raffle ticket for some wonderful prizes donated by local businesses.
  • Wear sturdy shoes and dress in layers.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen
  • We will provide data cards and pencils, and we encourage you to bring your own bucket and gloves. If you do not have them we will provide them for you.
  • Remember to bring signed waivers for children/youth under age 18.

We will be picking up trash that comes down our creeks, into the Bay, and then into the Ocean. The clean-up locations are chosen based on where the tides and currents deposit the trash onto the shoreline. These areas of the Bay are like a big dirty bathtub ring. Typically, 80% of the litter we pick up comes from inland, not the ocean. 

Thank-you so very much for coming to clean, it really makes a difference!


Sept 19th 2015 Results.  Along the shorelines of the cities of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville, 909 volunteers picked up over 2,475 lbs of trash and 910 lbs of recyclables. Top items this year were 29,826 small plastic pieces; 27,487 foam pieces; 8,487 glass pieces; 6,868 cigarette butts; 6,575 food wrappers; 5,400 bottle caps;  3,361 straws and stirrers; 3,220 Foam Packaging itms; 1,990 plastic bags; and 1,433 cigar tips.  We actually had over 40,424 individual pieces picked up and tallied!  This data volunteers collected will change laws and alert YOU the consumer that maybe we don't need to buy these items...

You can make an even stronger impact by continuing your efforts throughout the year. Join us for our monthly cleanups described below. You can also help without leaving home. We need everyone every day to clean-up, so adopt 10 feet in front of your home or storm drain and clean it once a day.