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The City of Berkeley’s municipal forest is maintained by the Urban Forestry Unit of the Parks Division, which is part of the Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront Department. There are approximately 38,000 street, park, and median trees that comprise the municipal forest in Berkeley. Urban Forestry staff responds to tree-related emergencies 24/7 and performs tree maintenance year round. Tree maintenance consists of pruning, removing, and planting trees; and other tree-related duties. The Urban Forestry staff strives to preserve the public trees whenever possible. The municipal forest is managed in a manner to ensure it remains in a healthy and sustainable condition, while protecting the public right-of-way and parks. Also, violation notices are issued to property owners when private trees obstruct or pose an imminent risk to the public’s use of streets or sidewalks.  

Work done by Urban Forestry staff is performed in accordance with the current editions of the ANSI A300 Standards and the ISA Best Management Practices (BMP); and adheres to all regulatory requirements and safe work practices.


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