Tree Removal Program 

It is the policy of the City to protect all public trees from needless removal and every effort is made to preserve and protect public trees until such time removal is warranted and prudent.


There are many reasons why trees need to be removed in an urban area and City staff evaluates each tree considered for removal on a case-by-case basis. The criteria listed below are used by urban forestry staff when evaluating trees for possible removal. The criteria are not listed in order of importance and individually may not justify removal.


Tree Removal Criteria


The following criteria are used in evaluating a public tree for possible removal: 

When trees are not deemed dead, dying or hazardous, the following factors will be considered: 

Shortly after the tree is removed the stump will be ground out.


When trees to be removed are growing immediately in front of a single residence property and the resident has not requested the removal, staff will attempt to notify the occupants by leaving a card at the front door which states the reason for the removal and provides a phone number to call to receive further information.


The City tries to replant where trees have been removed, but in most instances the replacement tree will not be planted in the same spot due to the presence of underground utilities and other concerns.


Any person having questions concerning the removal of a street tree may call the Parks Division, Urban Forestry Office at (510) 981-6660 or send an e-mail to