Subchapter A. Petitions

1201 Petitions

1202 Previous Recent Hearing

1203 Petition Filing Fee

1204 Waiver of Petition Filing or Appeal Fee

1205 Filing the Petition

1206 Acceptance of Landlord Petitions

1207 Proper Filing

1208 Supplemental Information

1209 Parties

1210 Notices to Opposing Parties and Board

1211 Response to Petition

1212 Consolidation

1213 Confidentiality

1214   Advisory Decisions for Exempt Units

1215 Expedited Hearings

1216 - 1220  (RESERVED)

Subchapter B. Hearing Procedure

1221   Hearing Examiner

1222   Board Action

1223   Notice of Hearing

1224   Continuances

1225   Disqualification of Hearing Officer or Board Member

1226   Subpoenas

1227   Building Inspection

1228   Evidence

1229   Stipulations

1230  (RESERVED)

1231   Ex Parte Communication

1232   Agreement Prior to Hearing

1233   Open Hearings

1234    Rights of Parties

1235   Tape Recordings

1236   Hearing Record

1237   Availability of Record

1238   Quantum of Proof

1239  Repealed

1240   Notice of Decision

1241   Finality of Decision

1242   Appeal

1243   Time for Decision

1244  (RESERVED)

1245   Notice for Rent Increases

1246   Effective Date for Rent Decrease

1247   Allocation of Petition Fees

1248  Repealed

1249   Waiver of Filing Fees for Rental Rehabilitation Program Fast Track IRA Petitions

1250   Compliance Hearings

1251   Regulations requiring Deposit of Disputed Rents into Escrow

1252   Establishment of Escrow Accounts Pending Appeal

1253   Provision for Disposition of Funds Held in Escrow - Appeals Decisions

1254  (RESERVED)

1255   Standards to be Applied to Escrow Determinations

1256   Disbursement of Funds Held in Escrow

1257   Enforcement of Escrow Orders

1258   Effect of Escrow Accounts on Eviction Actions

1259   Board Initiated Hearings

1260  (RESERVED)

Subchapter C. Standards for Individual Rent Ceiling AdjustmentsRegulation 1270 

1261   Purpose of Subchapter

1262   Base Year Net Operating Income (NOI)

1263   Definition of Net Operating Income

1264   Maintenance and Operating Income

1265   Maintenance and Operating Expense

1266   Self Labor

1267   Capital Improvements

1268   Recent Rent Changes

1269   Changes in Space or Services; Substantial  Deterioration

1269.5   Payment of Sewer Service Fees by Tenants

1269.6   Payment of Refuse Fees by Tenants

1270   Changes in Number of Tenants

1271   Overcharges and Other Violations

1272   Refinancing

1273   New Purchases

1274   Limit on Individual Increases

1274.1   Limited extension of time to file Claim of Eligibility for incremental phase-in of Regulation 1113 (Searle) Rent Adjustment (temporary emergency regulation)

1275  (RESERVED)

1276   Debt Service Costs

1277   Conditions for Obtaining Individual Rent  Adjustments

1278   Petition to Obtain Previously Lost Annual General  Adjustments pursuant to CA Civil Code Section  1947.7

1278.5   Petition to Obtain Annual General Adjustments (AGA's) Lost Due to a Good Faith Failure to Register

1279  (RESERVED)

1280   Individual Rent Adjustments for Historically Low Rents

1281   To allow for temporary rent adjustment for petitions that take over 120 days

1282   Individual Rent Adjustments for Units in Properties With No Vacancy Increases Since December 31, 1998

1283 - 1299  (RESERVED)

APPENDIX A:   Amortization Schedule dated March 18, 1996

APPENDIX B:   Consumer Price Indexes, All Urban Consumers, San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose , All Items Less Shelter 1982-84=100

APPENDIX C:   U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Lower Income Limits

APPENDIX D:   Indexing of 1274(B) Increase Limits for Calendar Year 2016