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Family, Youth and Children's (FYC) Outpatient Services

Family, Youth and Children's (FYC) Outpatient Services offers a wide range of services to children, adolescents, families, and transitional age youth between the ages of 0-24 years, as well as parents and families.  Services are provided on-site in the FYC clinic, in schools, and in a variety of other community-based settings.  Supportive services are offered to address many experiences, such as but not limited to; severe mental illness, behavioral and academic problems, substance abuse, and other at-risk youth behaviors; child abuse and neglect; and severe family conflict and stress. Referrals may come from individuals and families, local schools, protective services, community groups, and other governmental agencies. Our clients represent a broad range of ethnic backgrounds.

The modalities for intervention are diverse. We provide individual and family therapy, group counseling, psychoeducation, case management, play therapy, and assessment. FYC Outpatient Services also provides consultation, education and information to the community. In addition, staff and interns are available to work at school sites.

The professional staff at FYC Outpatient Services is comprised of licensed marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist. Several staff have worked extensively in the community, providing a substantial service base for clients. With an eco-systemic approach to treatment, work with the family group is emphasized, as is work with community groups serving this target population.

The FYC Outpatient Services training program is offering five positions at the pre-masters level for psychology, counseling and social work students who have had some prior training or experience in working with individuals and families.  Applicants should have some understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced by community mental health. Applicants with over one year of supervised outpatient mental health experience and who have worked with multicultural, multilingual families are preferred.  In addition to being able to work well with individual or family cases, the prospective intern should feel comfortable working with some independence in community settings such as schools or community-based organizations.

Trainees at Family, Youth, and Children's Services are required to make an 18-24 hour per week commitment for a ten-month period beginning in September and ending in June, even if your school program requires less time in training.  Note that school-based programs may begin orientation in late August due to the public school schedule. Trainees will attend staff meetings, intake seminars, group supervision and didactic seminars on a weekly basis.  All didactic trainings take place on Friday afternoons and all trainees and interns must be available to attend. Trainees will receive weekly individual supervision, group supervision, and training seminars in working with children and families.

Family, Youth and Children's (FYC) Outpatient Services - Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Services

A limited number of candidates may also be eligible to participate in FYC's TAY programming.  This community-based program (Transition to Independence Program-TIP) offers intensive services to TAY residing in Alameda County.  Services may include, but are not limited to, outpatient counseling, crisis assessment and intervention, care coordination, consultation, and participation in treatment teams at a variety of settings (triage teams, hospital discharge planning, etc).  Services may be provided on-site and/or in other settings in Northern or Central Alameda County.  Candidates interested in being considered for TAY work must possess prior work or internship experience working with TAY populations and individuals with severe mental illness.

  Berkeley High School Health Center

The Berkeley High School Health Center is a multi-disciplinary clinic that offers a mental health training program for up to six students studying psychology or social work to provide crisis counseling, short and long term therapy, family intervention, case management, and group therapy.  Applicants with over one year of supervised crisis mental health experience and who have worked with multicultural, multilingual families are preferred.  Applicants should have some understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced in this type of community mental health setting and the at-risk youth it serves. In addition to being able to work well with adolescents and families in a high school setting, the prospective trainee should feel comfortable working with clients in acute crisis with trauma backgrounds and be able to work from a systems & ecosystemic perspective. Excellent communication, record keeping and interpersonal skills are necessary for this fast-paced, high client volume environment.  Trainees will receive a 1 hour of individual supervision, 2 hours of group supervision and a 2 hour didactic training on various clinical topics once a week, and immediate consultation for all new assessments and crisis interventions.

Trainees at the Berkeley High School Health Center are required to make a 24 hour per week commitment for a ten-month period beginning in August and ending in June. 

   Application Procedures for Berkeley Mental Health FYC Training Positions 

Please send the following for either FYC program  or Berkeley High School Health Center :

  1. Submit a completed application package.
  2. Please submit all of your application materials in one stapled packet.  Only completed application packets will be considered.
  3. Applicants to doctoral internship-level positions at Adult Services must also submit a CAPIC application in addition to the above material.

Mail to: Micheline Beam, PhD, FYC Training Coordinator, Berkeley Mental Health, Family, Youth, and Children's Program, 3282 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703

For further information on any aspect of the FYC programs or application process, please contact Micheline Beam, PhD through e-mail at  Please use the subject line "Training Information requested:  FYC".


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