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Zoning by Address

Need to find your Zoning District Online?

Every property within the City has a zoning designation.  The steps below guide you to finding the zoning for a property using the street address or Assessor Parcel Number (APN).

  1. Go to our Parcel Conditions and Permit History database ("Parcel Conditions" link below).
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  3. At the Parcel Conditions and Permit History page, you can search for the property zoning and recent building permit history by address or by APN.
  4. From the Search Results Page click on the Report icon on the right side of the page for a Parcel Conditions Report. This report provides the zoning district. A property's zoning determines what type of land uses are allowed (residential, commercial, etc.), what size buildings are allowed ("development standards"), how much parking is requried, and the types of permits required for different activities and changes to the property. 

    The Parcel Conditions Report also provides the General Plan Area, building inspector, fire, fault rupture, and flood zone, arts district, creek buffer and landmark building status. Click on each category to lean more.


Note:  For the downtown area, the Parcel Conditions Report will not provide the current zoning designation because the City recently rezoned the downtown area.  Please use the Parcel Conditions Report to locate the precise location of the parcel you are interested in, then navigate to that area on one of these maps, which includes the new DAP-related zoning districts:  

Official City Zoning Map

Detail Zoning Map of Downtown Area and Addresses

For reference, the adjacent map illustrates is the general area of rezoning in the downtown. 

For additional information about the downtown area rezoning, please visit the Downtown Area Plan page.



More Information

Parcel Data/Maps
The County of Alameda Assessor maintains data about the size and dimensions of all lots in the county.  This information is not available from the City of Berkeley.  You can look up this information and get parcel maps from the county website:

Residential District Development Standards
Residential Zoning Districts standards provide for adequate light and air for the City's general welfare by limiting the height, bulk and size of buildings. The standards also require building yard setbacks from property lines and separations between buildings.

Commercial District Development and Land Use Standards
Commercial districts designate and limit what type of activities can be permitted in the City’s various zoning districts, they specify what permits are required to start a new business, and they indicate the building standards for new construction and additions by limiting the height, bulk and size of buildings to be compatible with the area.

Questions: Contact the Planning Department,, 510-981-7410

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