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Parking Meters 

Parking meters were installed in the City of Berkeley in response to the growing problem of parking congestion.  Over the years, parking meters have evolved from all-mechanical, to digital, to state-of-the-art smart meters we use today to assist businesses by limiting the amount of time a motorist may  park in a space or adjusting the hourly rate, thus creating  turnover of available curbside parking for short-term visitors and customers. Motorists seeking long-term parking (over 2 hour, all day, or commuter parking) can find more favorable pricing in the City’s Off-street parking garages and lots or Value pricing areas in the goBerkeley program. Visit for more information. 

Currently, the City of Berkeley is using two types of meters, the Calé multi-space meter (EZ Park Pay Stations) and the IPS single-space meter to monitor over 3700 parking spaces. All meters accept nickels, dimes, quarters, small one dollar coins and credit and debit cards with Visa and MasterCard logos.

Parking Meter Revenue

The monies collected from on-street parking operations are used to support City services.  Currently, they are used to fund Parking Enforcement operations of the Berkeley Police Department.

Time Limit Enforcement

Time limits are strictly enforced and may not be extended by adding more money after the posted maximum time limit has expired. In other words, “feeding the meter” to extend time beyond the legal limit – is illegal per BMC  14.52.060.  

Use these links for information on Other Local Parking Restrictions and California Vehicle Codes

Broken Meters
 If a single-space meter has a payment acceptance malfunction, you have the option to select a different payment method. You are allowed to park at that meter for the posted time limit.   It is not legal to park in the space longer than meter time limit. 

If a multi-space meter (Park EZ pay station) is broken and you are unable to obtain a parking receipt (Dispensing Machine Ticket - DMT) to display on your dashboard, you must locate a functional pay station to purchase your parking.

To report broken meters, call:  (510) 981-CITY (2489) and provide the meter number. 


    Standard Parking Rate

On October 13, 2009, the Berkeley City Council passed Resolution 7,109—N.S. establishing the current standard citywide meter rate at $1.50 per hour for on-street meters.   

    goBerkeley Parking  Rates

 On July 2, 2013, the City Council passed Resolution 66,245-N.S. and Ordinance No. 7,305 – N.S. that adopted value pricing approaches to develop on-and off-street parking management , demand-responsive pricing by time-of-day and day-of-week, progressive (escalating hourly) pricing, and price coordination between off-street and on-street parking rates to encourage short-term on-street and longer-term parking off street. 


Zones within the goBerkeley program are comprised of approximately 2000 parking spaces. There are 3 different hourly parking rate structures: Premium 2-hour, Premium 3-hour (escalating), and Value 8-hour. 

The goBerkeley program launched on October 15, 2013.  Based on parking demand patterns, rates and time limits were adjusted on June 2, 2014.

Click below for printable copies:

Parking Meter Zone Fact Sheet

go Berkeley Pilot Parking Rates and Locations (pdf)   

 go Berkeley Parking Zone Map

 Standard Citywide Parking Rates and Locations (pdf)

Minimum Payment (Credit/Debit Cards Only)

When using a credit/debit card payment option, all Pay Stations and meters require a 12- minute transaction time to use the meters. Both meter types (Park EZ and IPS) accept coins, credit and debit cards.   Coins do not require a 12-minute transaction minimum.

Parking Meter Coin Value Increments  by Rate (pdf) 

   Hours of Operation On-Street

Please check the parking meters for hours. In general, On-Street meters are in operation from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday including some holidays.   



 Pre-Pay and Sleep Modes

The Park EZ Pay Stations and the new IPS Electronic Meters are in sleep mode from the end of the operating shift until the start of operating hours the following business day. A “pre-pay” mode is available two hours before metered time begins, allowing one to park and insert  a payment in the meter if hours of operation have not yet begun but the individual expects to be parked there after the meter does go into service. The meter will start charging time once the enforcement hours begin.

Surface Parking Lots

Meters in off-street parking lots are in operation beginning at 7:00 a.m. and can extend as late as 10:00 p.m.

 See the Meter Holiday Enforcement Schedule. 


 1.  Multi-space Calé EZ Park Pay Stations

Implementation for meter replacement began in April 2005 at high volume parking locations. The first meters to be installed were multi-space Park EZ (Pay and Display) pay stations. To date, 239 pay stations have been installed city-wide, controlling over 1,593 spaces. The multi-space EZ Park Pay station pictured below is manufactured by Calé Parking America Inc.

EZ Park machines accept 3 convenient forms of payment:

  1. Coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, small one-dollar coins)
  2. Credit card (Visa or Master Card) 12-minute minimum transaction required
  3. Debit Card (w/credit card logo)  12-minute minimum transaction required

Payment instructions, and hours of operation are posted on each pay station.

             CALE ParkEZ multispace meter                         

At the meter you need to: 
  1. Pay for the time you need to park
  2. Press the green button (“OK”)
  3. Place your receipt ticket on the driver side dash of you vehicle (face up)
  4. Return to your vehicle before your time expires

EZ PARK Pay Station Receipt Ticket (Dispensing Machine Ticket, DMT)

Place on Driver-side dashboard

 2.  IPS Credit Card Enabled Single-Space Meters

Covering over 2,100 spaces in 7 of our 8 meter districts, IPS meters were first installed in August 2012. They allow drivers to conveniently pay with coins, and/or debit/credit cards. 

IPS meters feature an illuminated display to view parking rates, hours, time limit and other important information.  Additionally,  a “pre-pay” mode is available two hours before metered time begins, allowing one to park and insert  a payment in the meter if hours of operation have not yet begun but the individual expects to be parked there after the meter does go into service. The meter will start charging time once the enforcement hours begin.


 IPS Credit Card enabled meter   

At the meter you need to pay with:

 1.  Coins

  Insert coins for the desired time. Use nickels, dimes, quarters or dollar coins to park.

2. Credit or Debit card

  Insert and remove credit/debit card.
A 12-minute minimum transaction is required.
Adjust payment amount with Add/Plus and  Less/Minus

Press green ok button.

 3. Return to your vehicle before your time expires

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goBerkeley Zones are located in Downtown, Telegraph/Southside, and the Elmwood.

goBerkeley signs ( Diagram A  & B) simplify information for drivers.

Samples of go Berkeley on-street signs:

More available parking spaces
in the "premium" 2-hour zone 

A new "value" parking zone
with discounted parking rates
and 8-hour limits

Diagram A Diagram B
goBerkeley 2hr parking sign  goBerkeley 8hr parking sign


 ParkEZ Pay Station 
EZ Park Pay Station        

 Whenever a City block has one or more pay stations, signs are posted at each end of the block to direct users to "Pay to Park” with arrows pointing towards the closest pay station. (Diagram 1a) Green and white regulation signs advise of the zone limits for areas (Diagram 1b). If an arrow is not present on the zone limit sign, the limit is enforced for the entire block. Some locations use curb markings along with parking signs (Diagram 1c)








  EZParking Sign A- 90 Minute Zone       
Diagram 1a

 EZ Parking sign B 
Diagram 1b

Pay to PARK curb legend 
Diagram 1c - Pay to Park Curb Legend

Park EZ Pay Station  Location Signs are posted above each pay station (Diagram 1d and 1e):

        ParkEZ Station Location Sign A      

Diagram 1d  


ParkEZ LocationB-90 minutes         

                                 Diagram 1e 

      Enforcement Info Sign     

  Informational Signs with enforcement rules        

Restricted Parking Rules - Sample
 at Farmers Market Location 
 Diagram 2b-Farmer's Market Location  

Decals provide instructions for

  • how to use the PARK EZ Pay Stations (Diagram 3a),
  • what the parking rates are (Diagram 3b) and
  • how/where to  display your Dispensing Machine Ticker (DMT) inside your vehicle.

 Parking Information Decals are shown below:

 Diagram 3a-Parking Info Decal 
Diagram 3a


  Diagram 3b

   Diagram3B-Parking Info Decal

 Diagram 3C-Parking Info Decal-Receipt Display 
Diagram 3c

IPS Single-Space, Credit-Card-Enabled Meter

Parking rate and hours of operation information is displayed on screen at the head, or crown, of the meter as shown below (Diagram 4a).


 IPS Credit Card enabled meter


          Diagram 4a - IPS Display Screen              

              Diagram 4a                              

Both single space meter types display decals to indicate meter time limit restrictions and meter holidays.
See Diagrams 4b and 4c below.                              

Duncan Single-space meter  
Duncan Single-space Meter (Coins Only)

 Diagram 4b- Duncan Decal - Meter Holidays
Diagram 4b                   


Diagram 4C - Duncan Meter Decal - Time Limits Enforced(1)  
Diagram 4c

Meter Maintenance

The City's Public Works Department has a Meter Maintenance Team consisting of a Supervisor and eight staff people who are responsible for the collection of revenues, as well as the maintenance and repair of the City’s on-street meters.  The Meter Maintenance Team is responsible for routinely replacing meter batteries, lubricating locks, maintaining meter identification numbers, replacing domes and removing graffiti from meters and poles.  

Whenever the Meter Maintenance Team finds a vehicle parked at a malfunctioning meter, they initiate repair and place the maximum time on the meter.  However, the maximum time you can park in a meter space (during the days and hours it is supposed to be in operation) is the maximum time allowed if the meter were functioning (e.g.1 hour; 2 hours).  Therefore, you could get a parking ticket later in the day after the meter is repaired, and after time has expired.

If you have any questions for the Meter Maintenance Team, please use our Online Service Center,  call  311, or (510)981-CITY (2489).


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