Rent Stabilization Board

Rent Ceiling Database Notice

This data reflects APPARENT lawful rent ceilings and registration status in the City of Berkeley.  The apparent rent ceiling is informational, has not been certified as legal, may include temporary increases, and should not be relied upon for any legal purpose.  CERTIFICATION of the lawful rent ceiling may be obtained by requesting a certification of the rent ceiling.  The rent ceiling listed is only valid for units with a current registration status of "RENTED."  For all other units, the rent ceiling listed is the last known rent ceiling plus annual general adjustments granted since the last rented date.  The "tenancy started" field contains the start date of the last tenancy reported to the Board since January 1, 1996; a blank entry in this field indicates that the current tenancy began before January 1, 1996.  

The information provided may be inaccurate because:

  • a tenancy started since January 1, 1996, was not reported;
  • actual rent charged at the beginning of a tenancy was inaccurately reported;
  • the actual rent reported and being collected is illegally high;
  • the property has not been maintained in a habitable condition;
  • a change of unit status was not reported; or
  • an error was made in entering information into the Board's database.   

If you have reason to believe that particular information in our database is incorrect, please complete a Rent Ceiling Correction Form. A short explanation of the "unit status" designations can be found at: Unit Status Designations.

Rents returned reflect the 2015 Annual General Adjustment (AGA).  

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