Special Meeting eSummary
March 18, 2003

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003 – 5:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers, 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.

Teleconference Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

1.      Roll Call:  5:01 p.m., All present.


From: City Manager

a.     FY 2003 Mid-Year Budget Update (PDF, 1.6 MB)  - (Informational)

b.     FY 2004 & FY 2005 Budget Balancing Options (PDF, 1.3 MB) (Continuing Discussion)

c.     Responses to Questions/Issues Raised at Previous Special Study Sessions (PDF, 1.5 MB)(Informational)
Contact:  Weldon Rucker, City Manager, 981-7000

d.     Feasibility of Consolidating and Discontinuing Some Commissions (PDF, 199 KB)

From:  Citizens’ Budget Review Commission

Contact:  Paul Navazio, Secretary, 981-7000

Action: Presentations made.  Mayor Bates stated that he would convene a task force to examine revenue enhancements and possible ballot measures.


From:  City Manager

Tonight’s presentation will include a discussion of the vision for the development of the Oxford Lot and hear a presentation by the development team on how their proposal meets the City’s stated goals for the site.  The Council will see various scenarios for development and hear both the advantages and/or disadvantages of each scenario.  Discussion will also include the projected timeline for development.

Contact:  Stephen Barton, Housing, 981-5400

Action: Moved, seconded, carried (Worthington/Maio; Abstain - Olds, Shirek, Wozniak) to facilitate efficient planning and negotiations for the Oxford Street Lot by directing the development team and staff to proceed with the exploration of: 1) A maximum of one level of below grade parking that will be created to maintain approximately the same amount of public parking currently available on the site; 2) A parking revenue and financing study completed by the City to evaluate the potential income and financing supported by the public parking; 3) A minimum of 50% of the residential units will be affordable as required by the RFQ; and 4) The City will agree to the process as outlined for evaluation of the project and negotiation of a Development and Disposition Agreement during the Exclusive Negotiation Period.

4.      Public Comment:  3 speakers. 

Supplemental Reports and Communications #1 (PDF, 4 KB)

Item 2

Special Study Session On The Budget

1.     Staff Support to City Boards and Commissions (PDF, 226 KB)

Item 3

Oxford Lot Development Project

2.  Oxford Plaza and David Brower Center Summary

5.         Adjournment:  7:20 p.m.


This meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Brown Act, Government Code Section 54953, Teleconferencing.  Any member of the public may attend this meeting at either the Council Chambers or at the teleconference location.

Questions regarding this matter may be addressed to Sherry M. Kelly, City Clerk, 981-6900.