Special Meeting eSummary
October 12
, 2004

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Click on the linked agenda item titles below for background materials/reports. Adopted Resolutions and Ordinances (second reading) are available via Records Online (http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=4222) as soon as they are finalized.


  • Resolutions and Ordinances are subject to amendment, rescission or repeal, or readoption in whole or in part. Additional research may be necessary to verify the completeness of the legislative history. To research the Berkeley Municipal Code, visit: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=7134

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Tuesday, October 12, 20045:00 P.M.

Council Chambers, 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Teleconferencing Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

Preliminary Matters

Roll Call:        5:07 p.m.  Absent – Breland

Work Session

1.      Priority Setting (PDF, 21 MB) 

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Department Work Plan Reviews: Planning, Housing, Economic Development, Public Works, Parks Recreation and Waterfront, and Transportation.

Contact: Phil Kamlarz, City Manager, 981-7000

Action: Presentation made by the City Manager and Department Directors.

2.      Creeks Ordinance (PDF, 725 KB) (To be delivered)

From: City Manager

Recommendation:  Provide direction to staff on work program options presented in staff report.

Contact: Dan Marks, Planning, 981-7400

Action: Held over to the regular meeting of October 12, 2004.

Public Comment

Public Comment:  3 speakers

Communications (PDF, 4 KB)

Creeks Ordinance

1.      Pamela Rudd

2.      Helen L. Carmen

3.      Kass Schwinn

4.      James T. Nelson

5.      Jane C. Choulett

6.      Ann Campel

7.      Marilyn Naparst

8.      Robyn A. Stuber

9.      Diane Tokugawa

10.  Judy Tart

11.  Jerry Landis (2)

12.  Peter B. DuMont

13.  Jane Kelly

14.  Juliet Lamont and Phil Price

Supplemental Reports and Communications #1 (PDF, 4 KB)

Item 2: Creeks Ordinance

15.  John K. Winkler, III

16.  Laura J. Yerkovich

17.  Jane Stutfield

18.  David Rinaldo

19.  Janet Coleman

20.  David McGinnis

21.  Paula McGinnis

22.  Genevieve and Hubert Dreyfus

23.  Jean Shirley and John Auka

24.  Peter Berck

25.  Shirley Read-Jahn

26.  Peter Klatt

27.  Terence M. Colvert

28.  Tom Edwards

29.  Deborah Trillia

30.  Roy Trillia

31.  David Smith

32.  Steven Mullerheim

33.  Lydia Mullerheim

34.  Robert and Marianne Fisher

35.  Denise Glover

36.  LeaAnn Kjome

37.  Andree Jones

38.  Sihua Kristee

39.  William A. Falik

40.  Brian and Wendy Lukas

41.  Magdolina Bank

42.  Charles T. Tart

43.  Barbara Ryken

44.  James Lee

45.  Kathryn A. Lee

46.  Jody Knipe Hinshaw (2)

47.  Laurie Fox and D. Patrick Miller

48.  Ned and Janis Dairiki (2)

49.  Richard Marrus

50.  Jonathan Reinis

51.  Richard and Sue Bender

52.  Nichols Wanen and Sally Lappen

53.  Elizabeth Shaughnessy

54.  Norman P. Moscow, Eleanor J. Moscow and Anita C. Eblé

55.  Kevin Powell

56.  Eric Sippel

57.  Martin Myers

58.  Michael Fajans

59.  Philip Price

60.  Sheila Cooper

61.  Lypptek Khoo-Ellis

62.  Rachel Bradley

63.  Caitlin Smith

64.  Elizabeth and Robert Burrell

65.  Wesley Stahler

66.  Jeff Wong

67.  Michael Powers

68.  Audrey Powers

69.  Judy and Alan Ziajka

70.  Lupe Sarabia

71.  Susan Spiller Acquistapace

72.  Crisley Bauer

73.  Barry Eichengreen

74.  Jim Sweeney

75.  Anthony Bernhardt and Lynn Feintech

76.  Elizabeth Stevens and Nancy Oswald

77.  Tina Meyer

78.  David Herr

79.  Robert C. and Alva Herr

80.  Patricia T. Kelly

81.  Roger W. Hoag

82.  Craig Moritz

83.  Susanne H. Lowenthal

84.  Barbara Frick

85.  David Early

86.  Bob de Vries

87.  Joan Grossman

88.  Patricia Bruning

89.  Terry Mandel, Rosemary Green, Mark Peters, Marilena Tamburello, Bing Chan, Veena Purifoy, Diana Harris and Richard Rudd

90.  Joan Sprinson

91.  Bill Weiss

92.  Bernard P. Rothermel

93.  Martha Baker

94.  John and Kay Lyman

95.  Verica and Felice Balarin

96.  Robert Epstein

97.  Bob Jacobsen

98.  Martin Boswell

99.  Eric Wasserman

100.    Alan Gould (2)

101.    Susan Lee

102.    Lydia Tanji and Roger Garcia

103.    Paul Krahenbuhl and Patricia Boyer

104.    Susan Schwartz, President, Friends of Five Creeks

105.    Dan and Shirley Dean

106.    Joseph and Karen Zelan

107.    Juliet Lamont, Phil Price, Alan Gould, Diane Tokugawa, Daniel Caraco, and Nancy Levin, LOCCNA; Elyce Judith, Committee to Restore Strawberry Creek; Jane and Tom Kelly, Strawberry Lodge Restoration Project; Carole Schemmerling, Urban Creeks Council; John Steere

108.    Kirstin Miller and Richard Register, Ecocity Builders

109.    Alan Reinke

110.    R. Ehrenberger

111.    Barbara Stern

112.    Jesse Townley

113.    Albert and Marian Magid

114.    Dennis F. Lee

115.    Jonathan Wornick

116.    Neighbors on Urban Creeks

117.    Kenneth H. and Margot Klopp


Supplemental Reports and Communications #2 (PDF, 4 KB)

Item 1: Priority Setting

118.    FY 2006 and FY 2007 Priority Setting Work Plan, submitted by City Manager (PDF, 21 MB)

Item 2: Creeks Ordinance

119.    Diane R. Crowley

120.    Beth Lamont

121.    Eva Alexis Bansner


Adjourned at 6:34 p.m.