Joint Special Meeting eAgenda
June 12
, 2007

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joint special meeting of the



Berkeley Housing Authority board of commissionerS(new)


june 12, 2007

5:00 p.m

Council Chambers – 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Teleconference Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

Tom Bates, Mayor/Chair

Councilmembers/Authority Board Members:

Max Anderson

Darryl Moore

Laurie Capitelli

Betty Olds

Gordon Wozniak

Dona Spring

Linda Maio

Kriss Worthington

Adolph Moody

Dorothy Hunt

New Housing Authority Board Commissioners:

Carole Norris (Chair)

Wise Allen

Melissa Male

Marjorie Cox

Michael McBride

Dorothy Hunt

Adolph Moody

This meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Brown Act, Government Code Section 54953, Teleconferencing.  Any member of the public may attend this meeting at either location.  Questions regarding this matter may be addressed to Pamyla Means, City Clerk, 981-6900. The Housing Authority may take action related to any subject on the agenda. The Mayor may exercise a two minute speaking limitation to comments from Councilmembers/Authority Members. 


Preliminary Matters

Roll Call

Public Comment

Action Calendar – City Council

1.      Appointment of Wise Allen to the Berkeley Housing Authority  (BHA) Board of Commissioners (PDF, 272 KB)

From: Mayor Bates

Recommendation: That the City Council confirm the Mayor's appointment of Wise Allen for a two year term to the Berkeley Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Tom Bates, Mayor, 981-7100

2.      Transition Of Housing Authority Functions To New Board (PDF, 1 MB)

From: City Manager


1)   Adopt a resolution recommending that the new Berkeley Housing Authority Commission (“Commission”) formed pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34270 adopt the transition plan for BHA operations set forth in this report
2)  Adopt a resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a contract with the Commission for subsidy of $947,143 for Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009 on specified terms..

Financial Implications: See report.

Contact: Phil Kamlarz, City Manager, 981-7000


Action Calendar – Housing Authority Board (New)

3.      Implementing Actions for Transition to new Berkeley Housing Authority (BHA) (PDF, 476 KB)

From: City Manager


1)      Approve the selection of a Vice Chair for the BHA Commission.

2)      Consider the recommendation of the Berkeley City Council and approve the proposed Transition Plan   (Exhibit A)

3)   Adopt two resolutions establishing the permanent positions of BHA Executive Director and Deputy Director.

4)   Adopt a resolution appointing Tia Ingram as the BHA Executive Director effective July 1, 2007 and a resolution authorizing the Executive Director to appoint the position of Deputy Director and the seven temporary positions listed in #5.

5)   Adopt a resolution establishing temporary BHA classifications for the term July 1, 2007 through September 30, 2007 

6)      Accept terms of the contract with the City of Berkeley for a grant of $947,137 for FY 2008 and FY 2009 and authorize the Executive Director to execute the contract after consultation with special counsel for the Commission 

7)   Adopt a resolution providing for the continuation of $50 per meeting stipends for the Tenant Commissioners serving on the Commission.  

8)      Authorize the Executive Director to negotiate and sign agreements for legal services, building maintenance, inspection services, staffing services and other required expert technical and professional services for the period July 1, 2007-October 31, 2007 not to exceed a total amount of $ 450,000.

Financial Implications: See report.

Contact: Phil Kamlarz, City Manager, 981-7000



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