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July 17,

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Berkeley City Council ADJOURNED REGULAR Meeting

TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007

Council Chambers

2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Teleconference Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

Preliminary Matters

Roll Call:  6:00 p.m.  All present.

Action Calendar – Old Business

1.      LPC Appeal: 2727 Milvia Street – Berkeley Iceland

a. From: City Manager (PDF, 5 MB)  (July 10, 2007)

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution modifying the decision of the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) to designate 2727 Milvia Street, Berkeley Iceland, a City of Berkeley Landmark with respect to the “features to be preserved” as stated in the Notice of Decision dated April 5, 2007: deleting “the packed earth berms on the north and south sides” as “features to be preserved”

Financial Implications: None

b. Appeal

1.      Richard Zamboni (PDF, 4 MB)

c. Communications

1.      Tom Killilea, Save Berkeley Iceland (PDF, 7 MB)

Contact: Dan Marks, Planning and Development, 981-7400

The public hearing was opened and closed on July 10, 2007. Action recommended is to adopt a resolution as described in “Recommendation”.

Public Comments – 5

Action:  M/S/C (Wozniak/Olds) to adopt Resolution No. 63,781–N.S. (PDF, 59 KB)  designating 2727 Milvia Street, Berkeley Iceland, a City of Berkeley Landmark as designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). Vote:  Ayes – Maio, Spring, Olds, Worthington, Wozniak; Noes – Moore, Anderson, Capitelli, Bates.

Adjournment – 6:51 p.m.


Supplemental Communications 1 (PDF, 10 KB)

Item 1: LPC Appeal: 2727 Milvia Street – Berkeley Iceland

2.      Sady Hayashida

3.      Joe DeCredico

4.      Dan Marks, Planning Department

5.      Hans Lapping, Miller Starr Regalia

6.      Michele Bernal

7.      Ali Kashani

8.      Save Berkeley Iceland, submitted by Elizabeth Grassetti & Tom Killilea

9.      David Stoloff

10. Janice Fabini

11. John Gordon

12. Betsy Thargard

13. Berkeley Iceland, submitted by Rena Rickles

14. Merrilie Mitchell

Supplemental Communications 2 (PDF, 10 KB)

Item 1: LPC Appeal: 2727 Milvia Street – Berkeley Iceland

15. Marilee Allan

16. Marianne Hurley

17. Michael Veiluva, Alborg, Veiluva & Epstein LLP

18. Fran Gallati, Berkeley-Albany YMCA

19. Jean Fahmie, St. Moritz Ice Skating Club, Inc.

20. 99 pages of petitions with signatures, submitted by Berkeley Iceland