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Welcome to the Rent Stabilization Board site at the City of Berkeley, CA. [more...]

SMOKING PROHIBITION ADDENDUM - The Berkeley Rent Board is committed to promoting safe and healthy housing for all.  To ensure that rental units remain smoke free, landlords should always include a smoking prohibition clause in a lease agreement for a new tenancy.  So that no resident is subject to the harmful effects of second hand smoke, we are also encouraging all sitting tenants and landlords to voluntarily agree to sign an addendum to their existing lease agreement that prohibits smoking on the premises if the original agreement does not already contain this prohibition. [more...]

RENT STABILIZATION BOARD PUBLIC NOTICE - 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL ADJUSTMENT - At its regular meeting on October 21, 2013, the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board adopted the Annual General Adjustment (AGA) Order for Year 2014 which will allow eligible landlords to increase the 2013 permanent rent ceilings by 1.7%. [more...]

SECURITY DEPOSIT INTEREST INFORMATION and CALCULATOR - Federal interest rate for June 2013 move-out is 0.3%. Berkeley interest rate for April 2014 move-out is 0.1%. Interest Rates for December 2013 annual return of Security Deposit Interest: Federal Rate: 0.3%; Berkeley Rate: 0.1%. Notice of Berkeley Bank CD Rate Form [more...]

April 16, 2014:  Landlords and Tenants Seminar: Security Deposit Law - Wednesday, 4/16 (5:15pm - 6:15pm)
April 19, 2014:  Free Counseling at the Berkeley Central Library - Saturday, 4/19 (11am - Noon) 
April 22, 2014:  Tenants' Rights Workshop - Tuesday, 4/22 (6pm - 7:30pm) 

April 17, 2014:  Budget & Personnel Committee - Thursday, 4/17 @ 10:30am
April 18, 2014: 
Outreach Committee - Friday, 4/18 @ 1:30pm
April 21, 2014:
  Rent Stabilization Board Regular Meeting - Monday, 4/21 @ 7pm  

TENANT ELIGIBILITY FOR $4.00 REGISTRATION FEE PASS-THROUGH REIMBURSEMENT 2013 - The Rent Stabilization Board approved Resolution 13-03 which authorized landlords to pass through a portion of this year’s fee for tenancies that commenced prior to January 1, 1999.  [more...]


  • For information on the most important recent changes to both State and local laws affecting rental properties in Berkeley please visit the Rent Board's New Laws & Regulations page.
  • [more...]

    CHECK RENTAL UNIT STATUS AND RENT CEILING - Go to the Rent Ceiling Search page.  Check your rental unit's reported current rent ceiling, registration status, and basic tenancy information and report inaccuracies to Rent Board staff.  [more...]

    QUARTERLY MEDIAN RENT, VACANCY REGISTRATION AND OTHER RESEARCH REPORTS - Current quarterly median rent and vacancy registration summaries, as well as other research reports are now available through the Research Reports page. [more...]

    CONTACT A HOUSING COUNSELOR - Rent Stabilization Board Housing Counselors provide information to tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities under the Berkeley Rent Ordinance and California Rental Housing Law. To contact a Housing Counselor by e-mail, please send an e-mail to:  [more...]

    FREE MEDIATION SERVICES - Are you a tenant or a landlord of a Berkeley residence? Embroiled in a landlord-tenant dispute? Want the help of a neutral third party in resolving this problem?  Interested in exploring whether a free, quick, non-adversarial and informal process would work for you? The City of Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Program offers a no-cost mediation service that can be an effective and efficient way to resolve disputes. [more...]

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