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Welcome to the Rent Stabilization Board site at the City of Berkeley, CA. [more...]

FY 2016-2017 REGISTRATION INFORMATION  - ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE OF $234 PER UNIT WAS DUE FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2016.  The Rent Stabilization Ordinance requires that payments not received in the Rent Board Office or postmarked by the due date be assessed a 100% penalty. Rental units must be properly registered in order to take rent increases and/or evict tenants. Most property owners may be eligible for a waiver of part or all of the penalty fees if their account is fully paid on or before August 30, 2016. If you have any questions about the registration status of your property, please contact the Rent Board at (510) 981-7368 and ask for our Registration Unit. [more...]

ONLINE PAYMENTS - The Rent Board is pleased to offer the option to pay registration bills online. [more...]

TENANT ELIGIBILITY FOR $8 REGISTRATION FEE PASS-THROUGH REIMBURSEMENT 2016 - The Rent Stabilization Board approved Resolution 16-02 which authorized landlords to pass through a portion of this year’s fee for tenancies that commenced prior to January 1, 1999.  [more...]

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Oct. 17th
 @ 7pm:  Rent Stabilization Board Meeting    [more...]

Oct. 12th @ 5:15pm:  Evictions: Landlord Rights & Responsibilities @ the Rent Board Office 
Oct. 15th @ 11am:    Free Counseling @ the South Berkeley Branch Library 
Oct. 27th @ 6pm:  Tenant's Rights Workshop @ Berkeley Central Library

Every Wednesday @ 2pm - 4pm: 
 Free Counseling at Cal @ 218 Eshelman Hall, 2nd Fl. (on Bancroft near Telegraph)
Free Rent Board Workshops & Seminars:  See Our 2016 Schedule!        [more...]

NEW TENANT BUYOUT ORDINANCE - Effective April 30, 2016, the City of Berkeley has enacted new rights and obligations to tenants and landlords entering into "buyout" agreements. Such agreements include any promise to permanently vacate a controlled rental unit in Berkeley for compensation from the landlord. Landlords must provide tenants with a written disclosure of tenants' rights prepared by the Rent Board prior to making any buyout offer. Tenants have the right to rescind any buyout agreement at any time during the first 30 days after all parties sign.  [more...]

SUBLEASE ADDENDUM - To assist landlords and tenants in situations involving partial tenancy turnover, the Berkeley Rent Board has drafted a Lease Addendum for subtenants and landlords to sign.  [more...]

NEW MOLD LEGISLATION  - SB655 DECLARING PRESENCE OF MOLD TO BE A SUBSTANDARD CONDITION:   On October 9, 2015 Governor Brown signed California Senate Bill 655 into law. This law deems visible mold growth that is not minor, to be a “substandard condition” and thus a potential housing code violation. [more...]


2016 ANNUAL GENERAL ADJUSTMENT - At its regular meeting on October 19, 2015, the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board adopted the Annual General Adjustment (AGA) Order for Year 2016 which will allow eligible landlords to increase the 2015 permanent rent ceilings by 1.5%.  Download the 30-day/60-day Notice of Rent Increase (PDF), which is also available in Spanish. [more...]

SECURITY DEPOSIT INTEREST INFORMATION and CALCULATOR - Attention Tenants and Property Owners:  Property owners must use the "Berkeley Bank Rate" when calculating the amount of security deposit interest to return to tenants. Property owners are no longer required to provide evidence that deposit funds are kept in Berkeley banks. The interest rate to be paid in December 2015 for security deposits held from November 1, 2014 through October 31, 2015 is 0.1%.

The interest rate for all September 2016 move-outs is 0.1%.  The interest rate for a December 2015 annual return of Security Deposit Interest: 0.1%.    [more...]

FIRE SAFETY  - Tenants, if you have any concerns or issues with the fire safety of your building or unit, please see the attached link to file a complaint or request a fire safety inspection.  You may make an anonymous complaint if you do not wish to identify yourself.   [more...]

CHECK RENTAL UNIT STATUS AND RENT CEILING - Visit the Rent Board's "My Rent Ceiling" page.  Check your rental unit's reported current rent ceiling, registration status, and basic tenancy information and report inaccuracies to Rent Board staff.  [more...]

CONTACT A HOUSING COUNSELOR - Rent Stabilization Board Housing Counselors provide information to tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities under the Berkeley Rent Ordinance and California Rental Housing Law. To contact a Housing Counselor by e-mail, please send an e-mail to:  [more...]

FREE MEDIATION SERVICES - Are you a tenant or a landlord of a Berkeley residence? Embroiled in a landlord-tenant dispute? Want the help of a neutral third party in resolving this problem?  Interested in exploring whether a free, quick, non-adversarial and informal process would work for you? The City of Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Program offers a no-cost mediation service that can be an effective and efficient way to resolve disputes. [more...]

QUARTERLY MEDIAN RENT, VACANCY REGISTRATION AND OTHER RESEARCH REPORTS - Current quarterly median rent and vacancy registration summaries, as well as other research reports are now available through the Research Reports page. [more...]

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